noun.  /ˈae̯.dis/, [ˈae̯.dɪs]

Aedis: Latin for dwelling place of a god.

  • apartment, room
  • house(pl.), abode, dwelling
  • household
  • temple, shrine

Aedis Real Estate Group was formed as a strategic alliance of innovative people with a depth of experience in many facets of affordable housing.

Aedis is known for its ability to innovate and adapt to changing times, and in finding solutions to making housing more affordable.

The guiding principal and objective for Aedis when taking on a new project or program is creating a sense of community, as that’s what helps to transform a house into a home.

It is a basic human need to have a safe and secure home, and it is the foundation by which residents can begin developing their own dreams.

Finding Solutions - Creating Community - Developing Dreams

Homeless To Get More Housing In Revamped, Lego-Like Shipping Containers

Nearly 60,000 people experience homelessness on a given night in Los Angeles County, a 23% increase from last year.

Developers like Aedis Real Estate Group are devising innovative solutions to house the homeless. Aedis has teamed up with the Los Angeles County Department of Health Services to create Hope on Alvarado in Los Angeles’ Westlake District.

Hope on Alvarado, a four-story apartment complex with 84 studios and one-bedrooms, is the first of a series of Hope projects that uses shipping containers as the main building material.

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How Shipping Containers Are Transforming Housing For The Homeless

Los Angeles has been spending too much money on ambulances, emergency care and temporary housing, said Aedis President Scott Baldridge. “These are all inefficient ways to solve this problem.”

Aedis, along with several sponsors, is working with the Foundation for Affordable Housing to provide housing for the chronically homeless (individuals who have been without a home for at least a year).

“The chronically homeless experience a lot of mental health and addiction problems. It’s better for everyone to provide a permanent solution with more support,” said Baldridge.

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Finding Solutions - Creating Community  - Developing Dreams