Inside a giant homeless apartment complex made from containers in Los Angeles

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A housing project for homeless people called Hope on Alvarado will be built to address the housing problem of some 46,874 homeless in Los Angeles.

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Combination apartments affordable to the homeless Hope on Alvarado was designed by the architectural firm Architecture + Planning KTGY, expected to be put into use from 2019.

This apartment complex is located in Westlake, a residential area in northwestern Los Angeles. It will consist of 84 small apartments, and the construction phase will begin in 2018 by the Aedis Real Estate Group.


Combination location planning

The main building material of the complex will be cargo containers, each of which will turn into a small apartment.


Image of Hope on Alvarado

This 5-storey complex will consist of one-bedroom studio apartments, with an area of ​​37-45 square meters and minimalist interiors.

Each resident of the complex will have its own bicycles and can go to the central courtyard. Executive staff on the ground floor will provide support services for tenants.

KTGY Architecture + Planning is well-known for designing affordable housing projects. This is the scene of a condo completed by the company in 2014 in Santa Monica, California:


The Hope on Alvarado complex is one of a series of container buildings designed to provide shelter for homeless people in Los Angeles. In early 2017, another building, consisting of 16 containers, called Potter's Lane, was opened in Orange County.


The apartments at Hope on Alvarado have not yet been released, but according to the company, the price will be very cheap!


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